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"The Birdy" - 1 Dozen Golf Balls

"The Birdy" - 1 Dozen Golf Balls

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The Birdy - Affordable Excellence  


Use the Birdy if: 

-You Are looking for further drives

-Want to limit Slices and hooks

-Use if you score 89+


The Birdy - Affordable Excellence

Unmatched Durability, Explosive Distance, and Unparalleled Control

Elevate your golf experience with The Birdy, a two-piece golf ball meticulously designed for performance enthusiasts who demand excellence on the course.

Durability: The Birdy stands out with its unparalleled durability, thanks to the advanced Surlyn cover. Surlyn is a polymer known for its exceptional strength and resilience. The molecular structure of Surlyn provides a tough outer layer, which helps shield the ball from scuffing, cuts, and abrasions during play. This robust construction ensures The Birdy maintains its peak performance over time, delivering consistency shot after shot, round after round.

Reach New Distances: Experience the thrill of explosive distance off the tee with The Birdy. The low compression design of this ball is a result of advanced engineering. Lower compression allows the ball to deform more upon impact, resulting in higher initial velocity. As The Birdy leaves the tee, you'll witness an impressive carry and roll. The unique properties of the Surlyn cover come into play, optimizing aerodynamics and minimizing drag. It's not just a golf ball; it's a precision-engineered tool designed to help maximize your driving potential and add yards to every shot.

Unleash Your Shot-Making Skills: Beyond sheer distance, The Birdy empowers you with ultimate control. The Surlyn cover's chemistry is finely tuned to provide the optimal amount of spin. This spin translates to control over the ball's trajectory, allowing you to shape shots with precision. Whether you're executing delicate fades, powerful draws, or navigating hazards with confidence, The Birdy gives you the control to elevate your shot-making skills. It's not just about power; it's about the finesse and mastery that define a truly exceptional golf game.

Extended Guideline: The extended length of the guideline offers enhanced visibility, allowing you to focus on aligning your shot effectively. By utilizing the guideline as a visual guide, you can improve your shot consistency and increase your chances of hitting the desired target with greater precision.

In the world of golf, where performance is paramount, The Birdy emerges as a testament to affordability meeting excellence. Elevate your game, trust in durability, revel in explosive distance, and take command of every shot with The Birdy. 

Sold out of Tulare County. This product is manufactured in China.
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